Aeon Health Energy Medicine Victoria BC

I interviewed Maximillian Waid at Aeon Health and received a full body scan as well as a targeted energy treatment after going through the results of my scan. If you watch the interview we show some of the scan results and talk about how everything works. It was really interesting to see where I needed to work on things emotionally and physically and surprising how accurate the scan was. There is a lot of information to take in so being able to have access to my results online forever was an added bonus. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how accurate the scan is and what you can learn about yourself. You can read a bit more about the treatment below. Bioenergetics is the study, detection and correction of energy fields as well as the flow of energies in living systems. During a bioenergetic session, I utilize this knowledge of bioenergetics along with state-of-the-art technology to precisely assess the body’s energy fields [incl. the Human Body Field], chakras and energetic pathways [i.e. meridians] for distortions and blockages. This is achieved with a resonance scanner – the size of a computer mouse. The scanner measures and compares thousands of data points within seconds. The assessment of your scan results is done one-on-one. I assess how well your Human Body Field [HBF] and its smaller fields [incl. the seven chakras] are powered, whether each field is transferring energy correctly, the level of engagement with environmental fields [e.g. the Earth’s magnetic field] and the efficiency with which nutrients are recognized and absorbed. Any cases of energy imbalances may indicate that your body’s 70 to 100 trillion cells are lacking the power to function optimally. This can be the root cause of a vast array of health conditions – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Fortunately with bioenergetics, any such energetic imbalances can be addressed. Based on your assessment, energetic distortions and blockages are corrected and cleared through targeted energy treatments [incl. Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy] using PEMF equipment and infoceuticals, a series of liquid remedies. The equipment consists of a handheld device known as the miHealth and an iMRS full-body mat. The corrections allow the body to return to a state of energetic balance. Here, the underlying idea is that when the body is exposed to such energetic corrections, its innate self-healing mechanisms and detoxifying abilities are naturally activated, which leads to deep and lasting wellbeing over time.


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